Before and after the Meeting: German Bride Cultures

There’s a lot more to a german ceremony than just the ceremony. Some of the most intriguing German marriage customs truly occur both before and after the ceremony!

Before the ceremony, there’s a tradition that’s pretty similar to the american bachelor bash. It’s called Polterabend, and it takes spot the day before the bride. During Polterabend, porcelain ( not glassware ) is broken by friends and family in order to ward off bad spirits. The pieces are next swept up by the married. The end dating a german girl of Polterabend often sees the vicar’s trousers or the princess’s blouse burned at midnight, which symbolises the ending of bachelorhood. The embers are then buried second to a jug of schnaps, which is dug out for a collective round of sipping a year later.

Once the actual service is over, it’s customary for the bridegroom to take his new woman over the boundary of their home or hotel room. This embodies love, and it is also said to bring the few nice fortune.

The princess’s bouquet is thrown, which is another nice custom that occurs after the wedding is over. In Germany, the wedding throws her flowers over her shoulder at her guests, in contrast to the Us, where the bride hands her flower to the first childless person who catches it. This is a way to honor a woman by marrying her to the recipient of her bouquet. It’s also very romantic to do, too.